vole REmoval Services in PA

Voles are small rodents, relatives of a mouse, that live in lawns and flower beds around your home. Sometimes people mistake moles for voles, but they are not the same.

If you suspect that voles may be present on your property, look for small quarter-sized holes in the ground. Voles also use the same trails in the yard over and over, making the trails fairly easy to spot.

Since voles are rodents, they multiply quickly. The sooner they are controlled the better to prevent extensive damage to your property.

Problems Caused by voles

Voles eat shrubs and flowering plants around your property.

They also damage your lawn when they create paths in the grass and small burrow entrance mounds.

Voles may also feed on the roots and bark of plants, causing them to die or become infected by disease.

How Aaxis Can Help With voles

Aaxis Wildlife can take care of your vole problem by identifying their homes and eliminating them.  

Vole control is different than mole control.

Call us at (610) 247-0501 to inspect your property and develop a customized plan of action.

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