Starling REmoval & Exclusion Services in PA

European Starlings are a non-native invasive bird species that has become very common in Pennsylvania.

Starlings frequent bird feeders and are very comfortable co-existing with humans. Starlings have invaded quickly because they evict native birds from nests and nest boxes by killing the eggs or chicks.

They also can become parasites through laying their eggs within existing egg clutches. This leaves the native female birds to raise the Starling chicks, who are often larger and more aggressive than the native chicks, and who then kill the native chicks through preventing them from eating.

Problems Caused by starlings

Starlings often build their nests in homes or businesses.  One of the most frequent places they choose to build a nest is an uncovered dryer or bathroom vent. They can enter through the flap of vents as well.

Once they build a nest here, it can become a fire hazard.

Females return to the same nest each year, and they often keep adding to the nest. Nests in larger spaces such as attics can be several feet in diameter and several feet deep.

How Aaxis Can Help With starlings & other invasive birds

Starlings are not protected by the Migratory Bird Act, so they can be removed from your property.

Eliminating them can help to restore the balance of the native species.

Call Aaxis Wildlife at (610) 247-0501 to diagnose where they are nesting and how they are getting in.

We can remove the Starlings and prevent future nest-building activity.

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