squirrels in Pennsylvania

Description of squirrels in PA

There are several types of squirrels in Pennsylvania. These include gray, red, and flying squirrels.

All of them can gain access to properties, and commonly get into houses, attics and roofs.

Squirrels take advantage of weak spots in your home or business to gain entry. They can enter through rotten wood, unscreened vents, uncapped chimneys, and soffits.

They prefer to live indoors, if possible, in the winter.

Problems Caused by squirrels

Once squirrels gain entry to your home or business, they can quickly multiply and cause extensive damage.

Squirrles can chew through wiring, wood, and insulation.

Squirrels in the attic are an especially problematic situation. Squirrels can also find their way into walls, soffits, garages and crawl spaces.

They also leave urine and feces, especially in insulation, which can then enter home air conditioning and heating systems.

How Aaxis Can Help With squirrel removal

Squirrels breed quickly and their numbers can expand rapidly. A typical squirrel remediation involves at least 3-6 squirrels, often more. 

We have several methods for dealing with squirrel control. The most common method we use is squirrel traps. One-way doors are also effective in getting rid of squirrels humanely.

Please do not use squirrel repellents to try and get of them because the are not very effective.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Squirrels

Should I block the hole the squirrels are using to enter my house?

Blocking the hole or holes is not a good idea for several reasons. First of all, blocking the holes will cause the squirrels to chew open new entry holes causing more damage than you had before. By closing the holes you also run the risk of sealing the squirrels inside. They will try to get out any way they can, possibly ending up running around your living space. Many times they will end up dying if they can’t find their way out. Imagine a dead squirrel or squirrels stuck somewhere in the walls or attic and the horrible smell that would result. It is much easier to remove live squirrels than it is to locate and remove dead ones.

How do I prevent squirrel problems in my home or business?

One of the easiest ways to discourage squirrels is to trim tree branches at least 10 feet back from the house. They can jump a good distance from tree branches so you want to make sure to eliminate this potential access. Putting a cap on the chimney is also a good idea to keep them from falling in or making a nest. A cap will also keep other wildlife from entering the chimney as well.

What kind of damage can squirrels cause?

Gray squirrels and flying squirrels can cause extensive damage to attics. The biggest problem is gray squirrels chewing wires. Many house fires are caused by gray squirrels that have chewed wiring. Attics have many nooks and crannies that can be hard to check for wiring issues. I can’t tell you how many attics I have been in with chewed wires. The longer the squirrel problem is ignored the greater the chance that there will be a wire problem. Squirrels can also make a mess of the insulation in the attic with their urine and feces. Over time the insulation will become so contaminated that it will need to be removed and replaced. This is an expensive thing to have to do so if there is a squirrel problem in your attic call Aaxis Wildlife Control and we will solve the problem promptly. Please do not call an exterminator because there main expertise are insects, not wildlife.