Snake REmoval Services in PA

Hate Snakes?? We’ll help remove them from your yard (or worse, your basement!)

There are many types of snakes in Pennsylvania, and most of them are not poisonous. However, if there is a species of animals that strikes terror into the hearts of humans, it is snakes.

Snakes are an integral part of the food chain. They eat small mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, and insects. Snakes are very beneficial to have around your property because they help to keep rodent populations in check.

Snakes are important to the balance of an ecosystem, but there is no denying the fact that many people do not want them on their property, or especially, in their dwellings.

Problems Caused by Snakes

Snakes can enter a home or business through various-sized existing openings.

They make take up residence inside in order to give birth to their young, especially if there is a rodent population inside.  

Many snakes will move indoors to spend the winter out of the cold.

Q: Why shouldn't I kill all the snakes I come across?
A: Most people who are bitten by a snake were trying to kill or handle it. Snakes are just as frightened of people as people are of them. Usually they will move away as quickly as possible from you.

Seeing a snake or its shed skin can strike fear in many people, especially when they are found inside the home or basement.

Snakes do not cause any kind of property damage. Snakes can actually help protect plants around your yard and garden by eating insects and rodents.

Q: Can I use use snake repellent to keep snakes out of my house and yard?
A: Many people try using mothballs or snake repellents sold in stores. You might as well set your money on fire because it is going up in smoke using these worthless repellents.

The best way to discourage snakes is by getting rid of their food sources and places they can hide.

Keep mulch around shrubs to a depth of 2-3 inches to help cut down on the presence of small animals.

Keeping wood piles away from the house also helps to eliminate cover for snakes. Keep the lawn mowed as close to the home as possible.

Q: How do I keep snakes from entering the house?
A: A common reason snakes enter homes is the presence of food sources such as mice. Eliminate the food sources and close any cracks or gaps in exterior walls, foundations, around pipes, and floors.

Snakes do not open holes themselves. Use 1/4″ hardware cloth or expanding foam to close up the openings.

Check to make sure the weatherstripping around exterior doors is in good shape as well.

How Aaxis Can Help With SNAKES

If you need a snake removed from your home, business, or property, call Aaxis Wildlife at (610) 247-0501 or request a quote.

We will identify their entrances and habitat, and safely trap and relocate the snakes. Then we’ll seal up possible entrances to prevent re-entry.

We don’t recommend using snake repellent because it is not very effective.

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