Raccoons in Pennsylvania

Description of raccoons in Pennsylvania

Raccoons have learned to co-exist with humans surprisingly well. Females have several dens and often move into residences, garages, and businesses in order to give birth and raise their babies.

Usually, when a raccoon is found indoors, there are is a baby raccoon close by. Females give birth to two to five kits, usually in the spring.

Raccoons have opposable thumbs similar to humans. This gives them the ability to pull, tear, open and lift things.

If a raccoon finds a vulnerable spot on your home or business, they will quickly take advantage of it. Once inside, they will make a warm nest to give birth and raise their young.

Once the kits are old enough they will begin to explore and follow their mother around. Raccoons will continue to return year-after-year unless they are relocated and any entry points are repaired.

Problems Caused by Raccoons

Raccoons can cause serious problems inside a home or business.

The most common situation we come across are raccoons in the attic. They can cause extensive damage, and also leave large quantities of urine and feces. Their feces can contain roundworm, a potentially transmissible parasite to humans or pets.

Raccoons can also carry fleas, ticks, and in very rare cases, rabies.

How Aaxis Can Help With raccoon Removal

Raccoons can be very dangerous, especially if there are babies. You should not attempt to perform raccoon removal on your own.

Do not use raccoon repellents as they are not very effective. Exterminators are also not the best option because their main focus is insects.

Most likely if you have raccoons in your home or business there are babies present. If this is the situation, we will first attempt to get the raccoons to leave on their own, humanely.

We can also use raccoon traps if necessary. We will then block any entrance and repair damage done by raccoons to your house, attic or business.

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