Bat Removal and Exclusion services in Pennsylvania

Bats are an essential part of the Pennsylvania ecosystem. In addition to controlling the insect population, each bat can consume thousands of mosquitos per night and bats are also critical in pollinating plants, flowers, and fruit trees.

Bats are a protected species. Currently, Pennsylvania bats are under attack by a disease called white-nose syndrome, which is killing most populations, especially those that hibernate in caves or mines. Females give birth to one pup a year, making population recovery very slow.

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Problems Caused by Bats

Bats enter structures through existing openings. They don’t chew or claw their way in. They can enter your home or business through an opening as small as an adult pinkie finger.

While bats are a critical species, they can quickly become a problem.

Bat colonies will return year-after-year to raise their young. Bats in the attic in your house can increase quickly, accumulating large quantities of bat poop and urine.

Bats can cause odor problems and can also lead to disease.


How Aaxis Can Help With Bat Removal

Eliminating bats from homes or businesses is a specialized field.  During birthing season in the Spring, bats should not be disturbed. Do not try to take care of the problem yourself, as bats are protected species.  Bat repellents should also be avoided as they are generally ineffective.

Aaxis Wildlife will inspect your house or business to find the openings that the bats are using and any other places that they may use in the future.  A one-way door system will then be put in the place to allow the bats to leave, humanely.  Once the bats have left they, will not be able to re-enter your home or business.

When all bats have left, the openings and all other possible entry points will be sealed.

If needed we can clean up all of the bat droppings, sanitize the space the bats were occupying and deodorize.

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