Wild Animal Trapping & Removal Services in Southeast PA

Once inspection of the property is completed, we can begin the wildlife removal or containment services.  We will set traps designed for the specific animals that have taken up residence in your home, property, or business.  We also use baits made to attract the animals we are trapping. We will seal up entrances so that animals cannot get back in.

Please do not attempt to trap animals yourself.  You may catch animals that you are not trying to trap or injure the animals or yourself.

For example, what if you think you have raccoons, but catch a skunk instead?

Rather than deal with the problem yourself, contact a wildlife control specialist who knows the laws regarding trapping and relocation of different species.

Some animals are not allowed to be relocated under any circumstances, especially those that are more likely to carry rabies.

When we catch an animal in our traps we will come and remove it and reset the traps as many times as necessary until all activity ceases.

There is a fee for each animal removed from a trap. The price will vary depending on the distance traveled to remove the animal.

Occasionally, we do trap animals that we are not targeting. In this case, there is also a removal fee charged because we must travel to your home or business to remove and relocate the animal when possible.

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