The Aaxis Wild Animal Removal Process is as follows:


Site inspection

We will come to your home or business and thoroughly inspect for the presence of animals, type of animals, and how they are getting in. We inspect your home or business, including attics, basements, decks and roofs, to identify all areas of entry.

Solutions Design

We will design a site-specific solution to remove the problem animals, and to prevent them from re-entering your property

Wildlife Capture and Removal

We will execute our plan by installing traps or devices to catch the animals humanely or install one-way doors to allow them to exit the property permanently. We are Certified Wildlife Technicians by the Pennsylvania Game Commission to ensure compliance with all local laws and regulations regarding how to remove different species. When the nuisance animals are caught, we will remove them, humanely, and we keep coming back until they are all gone.

Prevention of Re-Entry

We will then build a unique solution that can include chimney caps, deck or landscape barriers, and window and roof line barriers. We will seal the entry points and any other potential places where animals can gain entry.

Odor Control and Damage

If needed, we will ensure that the damage caused by the animals is eliminated.

As you can see the Aaxis Process for wildlife remediation can be a complicated process. Every situation requires a site inspection and a unique solution for taking care of your home or business wildlife infiltration issues.

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