Animal & Wildlife Removal Services

Aaxis Wildlife Control understands that discovering that you have a wildlife problem in the house, yard, or business can be a very stressful ordeal. Loss of sleep from nighttime noises, terrible odors, and damage to your home and property are major contributors to the stress that comes with wildlife invasion.

We want to relieve that stress as quickly as possible by providing timely and professional wildlife removal services.

Aaxis Wildlife Control goes the extra mile to make sure our customers receive the individual care and attention they expect.  Each customers wildlife problem is unique and requires a different plan of action.

We work closely with each customer to develop a solution for the type of animal causing the problem. Once a solution has been achieved we will make sure that no future wildlife invasions occur by repairing any damage and/or installing exclusion barriers to prevent further access.

Aaxis Wildlife services Southeastern Pennsylvania and these specific counties and locales:

House & Yard Inspection

When contacting Aaxis Wildlife Control Services with an animal problem, such as a raccoon or squirrels in the attic, please provide as many details as you can.  The more descriptive you are the easier it will be for us to get a good idea of what type of animal we are dealing with and the wildlife removal services required to get the job done.

Here are some key questions we will ask you:

  • Where is the problem animal?  Is it inside your house or business?
  • What type of noise is the animal making?  Scratching?  Cries? Growling?
  • What time of day do you hear the noise?
  • Do you know how they are getting in?
  • How long have you had the problem?

Once you hire us to solve your wildlife problem we will come out to perform a thorough inspection of your property from top to bottom.  We will identify the animal that is living in your house, yard, or business, and locate all openings they are using to enter.

We will also inspect the interior and exterior for damage caused by the animals, and check areas such as the attic for chewed wiring, animal waste, young animals, and any other problems caused by nuisance wildlife.  

There is a fee involved with the inspection. The initial fee includes the inspection, development of a customized plan, and wildlife removal services such as setting any traps or devices needed to remove the animals.  The inspection fee varies depending on the distance we must travel and the extent of the inspection that is required.  

We usually begin the process of getting rid of the animals at the time of the initial inspection.

Animal Trapping and Removal

Once an inspection of the property is completed we can begin the wildlife removal services.  We will set traps designed for the specific animal(s) that have taken up residence in your home, property, or business.  We also use baits made to attract the animals we are trapping.  

Please do not attempt to trap animals yourself.  You may catch animals that you are not trying to trap, or injure the animals or yourself.  

For example, what if you think you have raccoons, but catch a skunk instead?

Rather than deal with the problem yourself, contact a wildlife control specialist who knows the laws regarding trapping and relocation of different species.  

Some animals are not allowed to be relocated under any circumstances, especially those that are more likely to carry rabies.

When we catch an animal in our traps we will come and remove it and reset the traps as many times as necessary until all activity ceases.

There is a fee for each animal removed from a trap. The price will vary depending on the distance traveled to remove the animal.

Occasionally we do trap animals that we are not targeting. In this case, there is also a removal fee charged because we must travel to your home or business to remove and relocate the animal when possible.

Animal Damage Repair and Seal Up

When Aaxis Wildlife Control is satisfied that the wildlife removal services have been successful, we will begin the process of repairing all of the damage caused by the animals.

When animals are living in the home or business they can chew wiring, shred ductwork, contaminate insulation with feces and urine, as well as chew holes in roofs, soffits, and gable vents.

We can provide all the repair work necessary to fix the problem, and importantly, to prevent future problems from happening.

Common Repairs Aaxis Offers:


  • Chimney Cap Installation and Repair
  • Animal Entry Hole Repair
  • Gable Vent Repair and Replacement
  • Dryer Vent Cover Installation to Prevent Bird Nesting
  • Roof Repair
  • Siding Repair and Replacement
  • Soffit Repairs
  • Attic Cleanup and Insulation Replacement

Nuisance Animal Exclusion

If you have animals such as skunks, groundhogs, or foxes living in your yard we can install an exclusion barrier to prevent any reentry.

These animals are very common under sheds and decks. Skunks and groundhogs can also take up residence under steps and along foundations.

Birds such starlings often nest in dryer vents or behind shutters. We will trap the animals and then install a barrier to prevent them from moving back in.

Attic  Cleanup, Restoration, and Odor Control Services

When animals move into your attic, they can leave behind quite a mess. They can deposit large quantities of feces and urine, as well as nesting materials, food, shed fur and feathers, and even the carcasses of animals that have died in the attic.  

All of this can lead to serious risks to human health, as well as a possible odor problem. When animal feces accumulate, the risk of disease in humans increases. Leptospirosis is one possible disease that can be present in animal fecal matter. It is a bacterial disease that can affect humans and animals. In humans, it can cause many symptoms that may be mistaken for other diseases. If left untreated it can lead to serious, life-threatening complications.

Mold can also grow on feces that may cause a lung infection called histoplasmosis if inhaled. Large quantities of bat or bird droppings, in particular, can lead to histoplasmosis.

Animals can also bring parasites such as fleas, ticks, and mites into your home that can spread throughout the house.

Roundworms are an especially problematic parasite that can be transmitted to humans, usually from contact with raccoon feces.

Do not attempt to clean contaminated areas yourself.  Without proper equipment and precautions, you can put your health at risk.

Contact Aaxis Wildlife Control for all of your attic cleanup, restoration, and odor control services.  

We can remove all of the animal droppings and decontaminate the area, as well as remove and replace the insulation if the problem is severe.