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Each wild animal removal job is unique.  When you call Aaxis Wildlife Control at 610-247-0501 or contact us, we will work with you to give you an idea of costs and pricing.  A full estimate is generally not possible until after a site inspection visit. However, here is a general break-down of costs.

Site Inspection

We will come to your property and fully inspect it for any signs of animal invasion.  We will go into basements, crawl spaces, attics, or on the roof as needed to identify the cause of the problem and to develop a customized plan.  We will then recommend solutions for you.  The cost will vary depending on the travel distance, as well as, the difficulty of the animal problem.

For example, groundhogs or skunks under your deck may require less inspection than squirrels or bats in an attic.

Generally, we are prepared to set traps at the time of the inspection. When you choose to implement the plan, then the following charges may apply:

Trap Setting Fee

When traps are required there is a one-time trap set-up fee based on the type of animal and distance to and from the job. The fee covers all traps that need to be set. There is a fee for each animal removed.

Exclusion and Barrier Design

We charge a per foot rate to design and implement solutions to prevent the further encroachment of animals. There is also a charge for materials required.

Repair and Prevention of Reaccess After Animal Removal

Aaxis can repair damage caused by wild animals and install solutions to prevent reentries, such as chimney caps, and shutter enclosures.


We charge an hourly rate for repair and clean-up.  In the case of damage requiring specialized equipment, such as breathing protection, there may be an extra charge.  In addition, there is a charge for materials required.

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