Do you have a bat problem in your home, office, or other structure?  Bats in Pennsylvania have finished raising their pups for the season.  The pups are now flying on their own and the time is now to schedule bat removal and bat proofing.  Aaxis Wildlife is your one stop remedy for all of your bat problems.  Call (610)-247-0501 to schedule your bat inspection.  We will come out and look over the structure from top to bottom to come up with a plan to allow the bats to leave, but not reenter.  Once the bats are gone we will seal up “all” openings the bats were using to enter the structure as well as any other possible entry points.  If needed we can provide bat guano cleanup and odor control.  For more information on bats in Pennsylvania click on the following link:

Frequently asked bat questions

How do I get rid of bats?

It is not recommended that you try to get rid of bats on your own.  Without the proper training you could be creating a much bigger problem than you are trying to solve.  Bats are a protected species, therefore a licensed wildlife control operator should be hired to perform the work.

How can I find where the bats are getting in?

Bats leave their roost just before dark and return just before the sun comes up.  Entry points can be located by going outside at these times and watching for bats coming and going from the structure.  Observe all sides of the structure with multiple people if possible to locate entry points easier.  Bats also leave black grease stains from oils on their fur at the openings.  Droppings (guano) and urine stains will also be located close to the entry spots.

How do I know all of the bats are gone?

Many times we can tell the bats have left through the one-way doors we put up by signs that are left behind.  It can take a few days for all of the bats to exit.  Once we take down the one-way doors we will reinspect the premises to make sure all bats are gone.  If the job includes the cleanup of droppings we can also monitor for any residual bats by looking for any new droppings.

Should I have the droppings (guano) cleaned up?  

Bat droppings should be cleaned up no matter how much there is.  Droppings can contain fungi or bacteria that can cause health problems if it is disturbed and becomes airborne.  Proper precautions must be taken when cleaning up the droppings, therefore it is best to leave it up to the professionals.